Stark Progenitors in America

The Starks living in America before 1800 were descended from one of three or perhaps four colonists: Aaron Stark, who was born about 1608, who fought under General John Mason during the Pequot War, and who was living in Stonington, CT as early as 1653; Archibald Stark, who was born in Scotland and who came to New Hampshire in 1720 by way of Ireland; James Stark, who was a brother of Archibald Stark, and who married Elizabeth Thornton and came to Virginia, and possibly Richard Starke, a brother of Archibald and James. (The spelling of names was not as standardized at that time as it is today, and variations on the Stark name include Starck, Starke, and Starks.) It is essentially certain that we are descended from Aaron Stark. I believe the line of descent is via Daniel Appleton Stark, though I lack absolutely conclusive documentation that his son Daniel is the same as the Daniel Stark who is our ancestor.

As our ancestry is via Aaron Stark, I have primarily concentrated on his descendants, rather than the descendants of Archibald or James Stark. However, information from another researcher on the James/Archibald Stark family of New Hampshire and Stafford Co., Virginia can be found here.