Daniel STARK

[29] [30] [31] [32] [33]

29 JAN 1793 - ____

Father: Daniel Appleton STARK
Mother: Electa LOVELAND

Family 1 : Eliza AUGUR
  1. +Emily STARK
  2. +William Louis STARK
  3. +Isaac Augur STARK

                          _William STARK ______+
                         | (1723 - 1798) m 1749
 _Daniel Appleton STARK _|
| (1761 - ....) m 1784   |
|                        |_Ann APPLETON _______+
|                          (1721 - 1806) m 1749
|--Daniel STARK 
|  (1793 - ....)
|                         _____________________
|                        |                     
|_Electa LOVELAND _______|
  (1768 - 1856) m 1784   |


[29] !BIRTH: Scripture memoranda kept by Nathan Tuttle Stark; Copy in possession
of Eugene W. Stark.

[30] !MARRIAGE: Connecticut newspaper marriage index; Connecticut State Library;

[31] !DIVORCE: New Haven city superior court divorce files; vol. RG3; 1837;
LDS film 1672073; Connecticut State Library

[32] !OTHER: Jacobus, p. 90 gives a conflicting marriage date of 16 April 1816, but
newspapers agree on 28 April 1816.

[33] !PARENTS: My conclusion that he is son of Daniel Appleton Stark and Electa
Loveland is based on LDS Film 0004067, Derby Land Records, v. 20, p. 381,
which states that on 16 March 1816, Daniel Stark of New Haven in County of
New Haven sells to Anna Wooden wife of Sheldon Wooden, Patty Baldwin wife of
Anson Baldwin, and Betsy Stark, all of Derby, the land and house formerly
owned by his late brother William Stark at a place called the "North End".
I believe Anna Wooden, Patty Baldwin, and Betsy Stark were daughters of
Daniel Appleton Stark and Electa Loveland. Daniel and Electa did have
daughters Anna and Elizabeth, but Patty is more of a problem. However,
the Connecticut State Library Family Bible Records, Vol. 7, p. 201 contains
the family record of Jos English of Harwinton Connecticut. It lists his
great grandparents as Daniel Stark and Electa Loveland, and his grandparents
as Anson Baldwin and Martha Stark. It gives Martha Stark b. 3 Feb 1791,
and Anson Baldwin married Martha Stark, daughter of Daniel and Electa Loveland
20 Sep 1810. Martha Stark died 29 Oct 1864, murdered by Jack Stark at
Bridgeport. The Barbour Index to Connecticut Vital Records lists a child
Mat(t)hew born to Daniel and Electa, and it gives the notation "probably a
son." It appears that in fact this was a daughter, Martha, who also went
by the name of Patty. If you have more definitive information, please
contact me.

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