William L. Stark and Ann Linsley

New Haven Probate records for 1836 (File number 9829) show that Isaac Augur was appointed guardian of William L. Stark, a minor of about 16 years of age, on 17 August 1836. This is undoubtedly the son of Daniel Stark and Eliza, who perhaps needed a guardian after Daniel Stark abandoned his wife (see the divorce papers).

Ann Linsley was the wife of William L. Stark. New Haven probate records contain a packet for her, which indicates that she died 29 February 1892, that Theodore A. Tuttle was appointed as the administrator of her estate, and that she had one heir: Estella E. Benton of Atlanta, GA (her daughter).

LDS Film 1405858, New Haven Vital Records, contains the following entry:

Dolareese Steely (Conn. Soc. Gen. Member #8587) sent me some information on William L. Stark. She says that her mother told her that her great grandmother's name was Estella Eliza, and William Louis was her father. Her mother's brother was named Uriah Louis after his great great grandfather. She also sent information that showed that William Louis Stark moved to Bibb County, Georga after 1850. He is listed on the 1860 Bibb County Census near Macon Georgia (Bibb County 1860, page 79):
William L. Stark, 40, Bookkeeper
Ann, 39
Estella Eliza, 19
Francis Clark, 32, Tin Smith
Julia Clark, 26
She found no record of him in the 1870 census. She also has a few other records of him: In Bibb County, Georgia Deeds: