Daniel Appleton Stark and Electa Loveland

The Barbour Collection of Connecticut vital records shows that Daniel Appleton Stark married Electa Loveland of "Darby, New Boston" on 22 August 1784, and that children Anna, Daniel, Elizabeth, Loveland, Matthew (Martha), Nichols (Nicholas), Truman (Freeman), and William were born "in New Boston," but no dates are given. The book Connecticut Place Names has information about several places that held the name "New Boston." On page 116 it states:
"New Boston = The Narrows = Narrows nr. mouth of Naugatuck R. mentioned in 17th Cen. records, i.e. Derby Landing. `The Narrows then called New Boston'; Orcutt, of 1797."
The proximity of Derby to New Haven lends credibility to the theory that Daniel Appleton Stark's son Daniel could have resided in New Haven and married Eliza Augur.

LDS Film 1008339, "Records of St. James Episcopal Church, Derby," vol. 5 contains baptismal records for Starks, presumably the children of Daniel and Electa.

In my attempt to connect my ancestor Daniel Stark with Daniel and Electa, I found a number of records relating to the children of Daniel and Electa.

In Genealogy of Pound and Stark Families, by Theresa S. Baker, I saw:

Daniel Appleton Stark b. 5 Jul 1761, m. Electa Loveland, 22 Aug 1784.
LDS Film 0004065, Derby Land Records, v. 17, p. 380 states that Truman Loveland of Derby in New Haven County sold land, for $250, to Loveland Starks of Derby on 6 March 1807. The document was signed by William Starks, Truman Loveland, and Levi Tomlinson. Page 381 states that Loveland Stark of Derby in New Haven County sold, for $125, to William Starks of Derby, five-eighths of the same land and home on 6 March 1807.

LDS Film 0004066, Derby Land Records, v. 18, p. 136 states that Loveland Stark of Derby in New Haven County sold a piece of land for $250 to William Stark of Derby on 16 November 1808.

LDS Film 0004067, Derby Land Records, v. 20, p. 381, states that on 16 March 1816, Daniel Stark of New Haven in County of New Haven, sold to

all of Derby, the land and house formerly owned by his late brother William Stark at a place called the "North End."

It is this last record on which I base my conclusion that Daniel Stark, my ancestor, is in fact the son of Daniel and Electa. It seems clear that Anna Wooden, Patty Baldwin, Betsy Stark, William Stark, and Daniel Stark are the siblings: Anna Stark, Martha Stark, Elizabeth Stark, William Stark, and Daniel Stark, It is also interesting to note that the sale occurs one month before Daniel Stark married Eliza Augur. Perhaps he had no need for this house and land in Derby, now that he was going to be living with a wife in New Haven.

LDS Film 1024388, Index to Connecticut Probate Records, item #9828, 2 Jan 1815 Derby, is the probate record for Wm Starks. It lists as heirs Anson Baldwin, Paty Baldwin, Sheldon Wooden, and wife Anna. Sheldon Curtis was appointed administrator. At issue is a piece of land with a 1 story dwelling, about $125.

The marriage of Daniel Starks to Electa Loveland of Derby on Sept. 19, 1784, appears in the records of the Oxford Congregational Church, vol. 2, p. 11.

The Connecticut State Library Family Bible Records collection, volume 7, p. 201, has the following entry:

Family Record of Jos English of Harwinton, Conn., now in poss. of Doris Walls of Norfolk, Conn. Date 1st Nov. 1876.

The Connecticut Herald of 6 June, 1835, reported that Anson Baldwin, age 50, of Derby, drowned at Bridgeport on 15 May, 1835.

Derby Land records, vol. 23 (1819-1827), p. 161 show that on 11 November 1824, Benjamin Hodge of Derby in New Haven County sold for $50 to Patty Baldwin, wife of Anson Baldwin of said Derby, "a certain House standing on the highway at the Northend so called [near??] Beverbrook." Page 160 contains an entry in which Anson Baldwin sells the house on the same land for $50.

Derby Land records, vol. 26 (1833-1841), p. 498 show that on 28 October 1834, Anson Baldwin of Derby in New Haven County sold for $80 to Jesse Baldwin of Oxford in New Haven County, "one certain piece of land at North End so called and Bounded Easterly on Beverbrook, so called and on all other sides upon highway and contains half an acre of land, more or less.