Gedcom Viewer

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  1. System Requirements
  2. Downloading and Installation
  3. Running the Application
  4. Loading and Navigating a GEDCOM
  5. Using Filters
  6. Modifying Options Settings
  7. Using Add-ons
    1. HTML Export Add-on
    2. HTML Import Add-on
  8. Running as an Applet
  9. Other Functionality
  10. Getting Updates
  11. Purchasing a License
  12. What's new in the current version?


GEDCOM Viewer is a Java(TM)-based application that will load a GEDCOM file and allow you to browse its contents as well as perform various other operations. Currently, the basic application provides the following functionality:

In addition, there are "add-ons" that provide the following features:

GEDCOM Viewer is available for download and demonstration free of charge and with no obligation. The demonstration version of the program is identical to the full version, except that some functionality may be reduced or disabled when running under a demonstration license. It is also possible to load and try out "add-ons" during the demonstration period. Once the demonstration period has expired, a purchased standard license is required to continue using GEDCOM Viewer and any add-ons. Licenses are purchased online, using screens provided by the application itself for this purpose. Online payment transactions are handled by Note that "add-ons" are licensed separately from the basic application, and may require a separate purchase.