Using Add-ons

Some features of GEDCOM Viewer are distributed as "add-ons" to the main application. These are downloaded and installed separately, once the main application is started. Currently, there are two add-ons available:

  1. HTML Export Add-on: Gives you the ability to export your GEDCOM in the form of a tree of hyperlinked HTML files, which can be uploaded to a Web server.

  2. HTML Import Add-on: Can read HTML files produced by various versions of GED2HTML, as well as pages generated by the RootsWeb WorldConnect server, and reconstruct GEDCOM files from the information they contain.

Other add-ons are planned for the future.

To load an add-on, pull down the Update menu, select Get add-ons and choose one of the listed add-ons. If the name of an add-on is greyed out, that probably means it is already loaded. You can view the names of the loaded add-ons using the About item of the Help menu.

Once you have selected an add-on to be loaded, the program will contact the server. If your license does not already include the add-on to be loaded, an attempt will be made to update it automatically to include a demo license for the selected add-on. If the license upgrade succeeds, then the program will download the add-on jar file and install it in the sub-folder of the installation folder that corresponds to the particular release of GEDCOM Viewer you are running. Add-ons are currently keyed to particular releases of GEDCOM Viewer: if you update GEDCOM Viewer to a new version, you will have to also download new versions of the add-ons.

If the add-on can be successfully downloaded, then it is automatically loaded into the running GEDCOM Viewer application. If loading succeeds, you will see a success message. The add-on should now load automatically in the future each time you start GEDCOM Viewer. Demo licenses for add-ons are valid for a limited period of time. If you only have a demo license for the add-on, each time GEDCOM Viewer starts up you will be given the option of purchasing a standard license for the add-on.

Each add-on may have a number of additional options that can be set. If you have loaded any add-ons, you will likely notice an increase in the number of option variables that are displayed when you run the options editor.