More about Eliza Augur

Eliza Augur was a member of a large New Haven family. The book Families of Ancient New Haven, by Donald Lines Jacobus, has an entry for Eliza Augur, and records her marriage to Daniel Stark. By working backward from her entry, I found fifty-seven of her ancestors mentioned among the various families in this book. Perhaps the most prominent of her ancestors was Matthew Gilbert, one of the original New Haven colonists, and Deputy Governor of New Haven Colony. Another ancestor, Joseph Dorman, was killed by the British on 5 July 1779.

The 1883 probate packet for Eliza (Augur) Tuttle contained her original will, written in 1881.

The grave of Eliza Augur is in the Grove Street Cemetery in New Haven, CT. Her gravestone is a prominent one located on the left-hand side of "Spruce Avenue," if you start at the south-west corner of the cemetery and walk, north for about 50 yards on Spruce Avenue. It eads: "Eliza, wife of Isaac Tuttle. Died July 5, 1883, AE 87 yrs 8 mos. At rest." Also buried next to her are her father Isaac Augur, mother Esther Dorman, brothers Joel and Elihu, and sister Esther (Hester). These stones are harder to read, but the following is what I could get from them: