Aaron Stark

As one of the early settlers in Connecticut, it is not too difficult to find accounts of Aaron Stark's life, although there is a limited amount of information that is known about him. In The Aaron Stark Family, C. R. Stark relates the following:
Aaron Stark, the first settler of that name, died in that part of New London that is now Groton in 1685. The place and date of his birth have never been discovered. The name of his wife is also unknown. A deposition given by him in the boundary dispute between Connecticut and Rhode Island found in the Stonington Town Records, June 11, 1673, gives us a clue to his age:
The testimony of Aaron Stark aged sixty-five years or thereabouts testifieth and sayeth, that we being soldiers under Capt. John Mason with many more when we went against the Pequot Indians, we being landed in the Narragansett country when many of the Narragansetts came armed and tendered themselves to go with us in that service against the Pequots wherein they were readily accepted and marched with us through part of the Narragansett country until they came within four or five miles of the Pawcatuck River where we made a halt when Ninicraft and Miantonomo with many others did declare unto our commander that we were come into the Pequot country and did then advise them to be very careful of themselves lest they should be destroyed.

Aaron Stark and Jacob Waterhouse appeared this eleventh day of June 1673 and made oath to what is above written before me.

John Allyn

Aaron Stark's first settlement was in Stonington, and frequent entries in the "Thomas Miner Diary," between 1653 and 1664, indicate that they were near neighbors. In May, 1666, Aaron Stark was among those who were to take the freeman's oath in Stonington, and in October 1669, he was accepted as a freeman in New London. Between these two dates he had purchased the farm of Rev. William Thompson, the Indian missionary, in that part of New London, at present Groton, situated on the summit of Stark's Hill.

September 30, 1669, he sold his land in Stonington to Robert Fleming, who evidently bought it for his stepson, Thomas Rose. Aaron Stark was a volunteer in King Philip's War, and was given land in Voluntown in consideration of his service. In 1673 he claimed bounty for killing two wolves, animals which at that time abounded in Connecticut.

The Stark Family Association Yearbook for the year 1940, on page 48, contains the following passage:
Aaron Stark (I) b. 1608, d. 1685 in New London, Conn., who landed in Salem, Mass. in 1627; married Sara; was on the land grant at Stonington, Conn. in 1653; joined up with Rev. Josiah Hooker and journeyed to Wethersfield Conn. Later records show him at Windsor and Hartford in 1637 and 1639.
The Parkhurst Manuscript (Charles Dyer Parkhurst, 1938) contains information on Aaron Stark. Volume 25 (S) has the following passages:
(page 1a)

Aaron Stark
Caulkins Hist. of New London p. 313
Died in 1685.

This name is found at Mystic as early as 1653. In May 1666 Aaron Stark was among those who came to take the freeman's oath in Stonington, and in October 1669 was accepted as freeman of New London. In the interim he had purchased the farm of William Thompson, the Pequot missionary, near the head of Mystic, which brought him within the bounds of New London.

Neither his marriage nor his children are found recorded, but from the settlement of his estate it may be gathered that he had sons Aaron, John, and William, and that John Fish and Josiah Haynes were his sons in-law.

NOTE: This last statement erroneous - See Autc Sheet 1E. Settlement of estate, as above, must have been from records, not now to be found in Probate Court records. C.D.P.

From Roger Sud. [??]
Aaron Stark was a soldier in the Pequot War 1637, and in King Philips War 1675. Freeman New London, 1669.

Savage (page 1c)

Aaron Stark
Aaron Stark - Hartford 1639, at [??] 1643.
An unpromising youth, subjected by sentence of court to be [slapped?]. Removed to New London 1655, near Stonington. Freeman 1669, died about 1685, leaving sons Aaron, John, William, and had daughter who married John Fish and Josiah Haynes.

Mr. J.D. Fish, Hempstead N.Y. writes:
June 3, 1685. Inventory of estate of Aaron Stark exhibited and his will proved in New London County Court.

H.W.B. (page 1d)

Aaron Stark
New London County Court records.
Vol 5, p. 109, 1685. The Inventory of the Estate of Aaron Stark, deceased, being exhibited in Court was proved and ordered to be recorded.

The last will and testament of Aaron Stark, being exhibited in Court, was proved, approved and ordered to be recorded.

Aron Stark, John Stark, and William Stark, sons to Aron Stark Sr., deceased, appearing in Court and did declare and desire Capt Samuel Mason might divide the lands left there by their father, and bound the same between them.

(page 1e)

Aaron Stark
Miss Caulkins, in her Hist. of New London, p.313-314 says,
"From the settlement of his (Aaron Stark's) estate it may be gathered that he had sons Aaron, John and William, and that John Fish and Josiah Haynes were his sons-in-law."

This erroneous and should read as follows:
"From the settlement of his (Aaron Stark's) estate it may be gathered that he had sons Aaron, John and William" (see Sheet 1a), and, from the settlement of his son John's estate, that Samuel Fish and Josiah Haynes were his sons-in-law".

For on July 17, 1705 Elizabeth Stark, a daughter of John Stark gave an acquittance to her father-in-law (stepfather) John Weeks, for full part and proportion of land, housing and orchard, by the advise, consent and influence of my Uncle Samuel Fish and my Uncle Josiah Haynes."

[There follows more commentary by C.D.P. that I couldn't read very well.]
(page 18)

May 28, 1923
290. 1. STARK, IRELAND, ELAND, C. D. P., April 23, 1923. I was much interested in the account of Aaron (1) Stark family by C. D. P. It has been conjectured that the family name of his wife was Fish. That her Christian name was Sarah seems evident from the following, taken from the Stonington land records. "On the twenty-second day of March, 1664, fifty acres of land was laid out for Aaron Stark." On Sept. 26, 1667, Aaron Stark of New London sells this land to Robert Fleming of Stonington. Witnesses: Joseph Fish and Sarah Stark. Aaron Stark and Sarah Stark each signed by mark.

The wife's name in those days was not required as a party to the conveyance of real estate; but according to the Probate Judge of Stonington she was competent to sign as a witness to the transaction.

As there was no other family of Starks in the Colony at that time, so far as known, and as Aaron's daughter Sarah was then but seven years old, who could Sarah Stark, witness, have been but Sarah, wife of Aaron?
M. D. A.

(page 3e)

Whereas I have this day Received of my Fathere in law John Weeks, my full part & proportion of Land, housing and orchard, by the advise, consent & influence of my Uncle Samuell Fish, & my uncle Josiah Haines : and yeew sheep which are secured to me by a bill signed by my said fathere : and in consideration of the Receipt of the above Land housing orchard &c : I Doe hereby Acquite & Discharge my said furthere Claimes Interest or demands of me the said Elizabeth Starke to the Estate of my Honnored fathere John Starke Deceased as having any further right or Interest in said Estate, &Doe declare my selfe to have full power by age in the Law provided to act : In this afaire, and I the said Elizabeth Stark Doe acknowledge the receipt of an Iron Kitle, and a chest, and upon the receipt of all the above mentioned Lands housing orchards &c which I acknowledge the receipt of as above Doe Againe Conferme it by seting hereunto my and & seal In New London, Alias Groton, this 17th of July 1705.

her marke
Elizabeth Starke. LS.

Witnessed By
Nehemiah Smith
John Bayly.

Elesebeth Stark personally appeared and acknowledged the with in writen signature to be her free act and deed before me.

Nehemiah Smith, Justice.

The within writen acquittance is guiven Insteed of one signed by the within named Elisabeth Starke, which said Acquitance is lost from John Weeks, as he declares and afermes : to whom it was given, upon which this is given.

N. London, July 17 1705.

As attest,
Nehemiah Smith
Samuell Avery
Samuell Fish
Josiah Haynes

(The above was copied from a paper in the Connecticut State Library, on August 16, 1922.)

Another potential source of information I found on Aaron Stark is the Genealogy of Pound and Stark Families, by Theresa S. Baker. This is US/CAN 929.273 A1 #5354 in the LDS Family History Library in Salt Lake City. I briefly saw this book on June 17, 1992, and I noted:
1. Aaron Stark b. 1608, Windsor, CT, d. 1685, Groton; married Mary Holt, 1653. In Mystic, CT 1669.
This book cites the following other works: Other sources conjecture that Aaron married Sarah. Daughters of American Colonists (DAC) records state that Aaron was born in England or Scotland. Perhaps the 1986 research of Marilyn G. Roth has turned up something new that wasn't known to Parkhurst.

LDS Film 1018909 contains a copy of The Aaron Stark Family. There is also an item: 929.2 St 28, "STARK Family of NH VA KY and CONN", from the Library - Historical Dept of Iowa access 21666. Page 11 mentions Aaron Stark married Mary Holt (as per B.G. Allen of Palo Alto California.)