The Kirkey Family

I have begun to try to sort out the information I have found on the Kirkey family. Our Kirkey ancestors begin with my maternal grandmother, Myrtle (Kirkey) Scism. Some information I have gathered by interviewing her, and also my mother, Joan (Scism) Stark Lowther. However, I also retrieved some information from the LDS Ancestral File database, and from church and vital records of Massena, New York. The Ancestral File information was submitted primarily by
Richard Dale Tomshack
701 South Jessica
Sioux Falls, SD 57103
The Ancestral File does not contain source citations. I wrote to Mr. Tomshack in 1994, and received in reply a printout with updated information, though not much in the way of sources. This information is in my database, but I have not personally checked out much of it. Mr. Tomshack also mentioned a contact in Massena, NY:
Mrs. Pauline Deshaies
66 Ames St.
Massena, NY 13662
I wrote to her in Fall 1995, but have not yet received a response. I also happened to meet:
Robert Mills Smith
315 Arnold Avenue
West Babylon, NY 11704-6919
who seems to have a lot of information on Kirkeys and related families in Massena and north into Canada. He also mentioned Mrs. Deshaies, and ``had seen her two rooms full of materials.'' I sent him my data and spoke with him on the phone. He said he would send me what he has, but I haven't received it yet.

According to the information I have from the above sources, The name ``Kirkey'' is an anglicized version of ``Cartier,'' which was adopted by Jean-Baptiste Cartier when he came to Massena, NY.