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OCT 1871 - ____

Family 1 : Emma Mary MATIS
  1.  John Alvin MATEICKA
  2.  Emma Louise MATEICKA
  3.  Albert George MATEICKA
  4.  George Albert MATEICKA
  5.  Fabian MATEICKA
  6. +Cecelia Marie MATEICKA
  7. +Marcella Vera MATEICKA


[580] !SOURCE: @I358@

[581] !NOTE: Naturalized US citizen 8 Oct 1900, Cook County, Chicago, IL
Witnessed by John A. Cooke, Clerk of Circuit Court of Cook County at

[582] !NOTE: @I358@ wrote in one letter to her granddaughter Michelle Isabelle:
Not much I know about my natural father. His name John Mateicka, year of
birth 1869 [contradicts later date she gave of Oct 1871 -- EWS], place Austria?
My natural father (who was an A-1 Carpenter) disappeared after leaving for
work when I was 2 weeks old.

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