May Anna LOVET

[77] [78] [79]

10 MAR 1868 - 25 JUN 1905

Family 1 : John G. MOORHEAD
  1.  Clara May MOORHEAD
Family 2 : Nathan Tuttle STARK
  1. +Nathan Isaac STARK
  2. +William Scott STARK
  3. +Etta May STARK
  4.  Eugene STARK


[77] !BIRTH-MAR-DEATH: Scripture memoranda kept by Nathan Tuttle Stark. Copy in
possession of Eugene W. Stark.

[78] Doris Estelle Stark says she once lived in "Nicetown, PA."

[79] Doris Estelle Stark lists her as "Mary Anna Stark", and seems to suggest
that she was the daughter of Isaac Augur Stark, instead of the wife of his
son Nathan Tuttle Stark. However, Isaac Augur Stark died May 9, 1867, and
Mary Anna Stark was born March 10, 1868, so this doesn't seem to work out.
I think it is more likely that this is "Mary Anna Lovet Moorehead Stark", who
married Nathan Tuttle Stark on 2 June 1895 and died 25 June 1905.

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